We spread the "taste of Ishinomaki" to the world.

Ishinomaki Food Export Promotion Council

The grace that rich fishing grounds
and rich earth create.
We want to make it the most delicious.
We think about food safety and security.
We will spread “the taste of Ishinomaki” which
the enthusiasm of manufacturers to the world.

  • Landing
  • Fish market
  • Rice reaping
  • Rice

Pickup Of Items


Frozen Deep -Bamboo shaped Fish Paste Cake

The classic usageis to put it in Oden stew or hot pot, while it also goes well withsalad as a 3mm slice and with noodles.

Baked Pollack Roe (Tarako)

Tarako is fits in rice,cheese and some dairy products.So, you canuse in a variety of cooking.


Hokkaido Okhotsk Sea scallops in Hokkaido are processed by our company. Weak electric thawing machine · Using the salt of the highest grade of instant ocean to


Tsukune (Chicken Meat Loaf) with Cow Tongue

Tsukune is juicy using young chicken breast meat and irony from Iwate Prefecture. Beef tongue used American produced with less smell.

Amazake Yoghurt (Brown Rice)

Sasanishiki without pesticide is raw material. Refreshing acidity. Because it is additive free / alcohol free, you can drink with children.

Brown Rice Husk Soup (Japanese Style)

world's first! Soup of rice shell.Excellent nutritional balance and low calorie. No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, chemical seasonings are used at all.


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