We spread the "taste of Ishinomaki" to the world.

Ishinomaki Food Export Promotion Council

The grace that rich fishing grounds
and rich earth create.
We want to make it the most delicious.
We think about food safety and security.
We will spread “the taste of Ishinomaki” which
the enthusiasm of manufacturers to the world.

  • Landing
  • Fish market
  • Rice reaping
  • Rice

Pickup Of Items


Salted Mackerel Fillet

I go to Norway and import and process only the highest quality items. Because only salty taste, please enjoy the original taste of mackerel.

Gingered Cod Roe

It is hard to collapse even when heated, and it is easy to eat. The more you chew, the more taste spreads. The texture of kelp is also accented.

Ginger-Boiled Saury

Boiled the saury with ginger · special soy sauce. You can eat deliciously with simple cooking methods.


Amazake Yoghurt (Plain)

Pesticide-free Sasanishiki white rice is a raw material.It is rich in nutrition, it will prepare the intestinal environment so it is good for health and beauty.

Sasanishiki 1kg Polished rice(Vacuum-packed)

A rich flavor that excites side dishes. It fits very well for sushi.

Tsukune (Chicken Meat Loaf) with Cow Tongue

Tsukune is juicy using young chicken breast meat and irony from Iwate Prefecture. Beef tongue used American produced with less smell.


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